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Wood & Macrame Sofa Table Plans

Materials needed for White Oak wood custom table build

  • Miter Saw

  • Table Saw

  • 18bd ft of 4/4 lumber, preferably 5” wide.

  • Domino jointer or a Kreg jig (if using a Kreg jig, you will also need 1.25” screws)

  • 600 yards of Macrame

  • Router with a flush trim bit and a ½” round over bit

  • Orbital sander

  • Wood glue

  • Taper jig for the table saw

General custom table build instructions

Make sure you joint and plane your boards before making your cuts! You want to start off with square lumber. I recommend making the cuts as you go just in case your measurements are slightly off.

White Oak wood table cut list


3 - 1”x5” boards cut to 62”


4 - 1x1.5” width 29” w/ 5 degree parallel with a 3 degree taper


2 - 1”x1”, 11” long and cut 90 degrees

2 - 1”x1”, long point to long point cut 50.5” with 5 degrees parallel


2- 1”x1”, 11” long and cut 90 degrees

2 - 1”x1”, long point to long point cut at 54.5” with 5 degrees parallel


8 - 1”x1”, 11” long cut at 90 degrees

White Oak table project plans

Step 1: Cut the White Oak wood tabletop to size and glue it up with wood glue

I suggest leaving at least 2” longer than you want your top to be, so you can cut to size after. When gluing the top make sure to use cauls on the top and bottom to ensure a flat glue up. I also recommend alternating the grain on your boards.

Step 2: Use a router for rounded corners

To get the rounded corners use a flush trim bit and a router template. I recommend using a router table for this step but you can also use a handheld router.

Step 3: Continue rounding out edges

Using a 1/2” round over bit route both the top and bottom edges to get a rounded design. Make sure to use either a hand sanding block or an orbital sander to round the edges a bit more.

Step 4: Apply wood glue to custom furniture pieces

Glue up the legs and the shorter supports. Make sure to leave 7” from the bottom of the legs to the supports. You can use a pocket hole jig, 5mm dominos or dowels.

Step 5: Glue up the long supports

You can use a pocket hole jig, 5mm dominos or dowels.

Step 6: Glue up the center supports

Glue up the center supports. For this part I used pocket holes.

Step 7: Finish your table

Prep you table for finish by sanding and then apply a stain of your choice. I used Rubio Monocoat in Pure.

Step 8: Weave the macramé onto your custom table

I chose to do a basket weave pattern for the bottom shelf of my White Oak table.

Macramé weaving instructions for custom White Oak furniture build

  1. Tie the first half of your rope to one of the horizontal supports using a clove hitch.

  2. Wrap the rope around the whole width of the shelf then back to your starting point. Do this

  3. 5X. Don’t pull as tight as possible, leave a little bit of slack.

  4. Individually wrap each seat pole to create a spacer.

  5. Repeat the pattern the full width of the shelf.

  6. Put a spacer through every other group of 5 strings. This will help you get the rope through

  7. for the other side of the shelf.

  8. Weave the same pattern as before on the other side of the shelf. Make sure you are passing

  9. the rope through every other group of 5 strings to create a basket weave. Then you’re done!

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Oct 06, 2021

Congrats and thank you!

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